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Brighter Behavior Choices was born out of a tragedy that changed many lives dramatically.


This tragedy, caused Founder Shelia Rickman and Executive Director La Shaun Rickman-Dillon to reflect on the violence and drug use that plunge families into cycles.  They  attended several workshops and seminars that described the difficulties women experienced to become productive individuals in society and the need for Recovery Supportive Service Programs, Employment and  Affordable Housing. They saw how these personal barriers stagnated one's growth and opportunities for a "Second Chance" as a productive member in our society.


Upon receiving numerous telephone calls from the Illinois Department of  Women's Justice Services in 2006 concerning the desperately needed assistance for female ex-offenders and personal experiences, they felt compelled to redefine Brighter, Behavior, Choices Inc., which was founded in May of 2006.


Determined Individuals Joined Together to Make a Difference...

Sheila Rickman 2.PNG

Shelia Rickman

Ms. Shelia Rickman is the CEO and Founder of Brighter, Behavior, Choices Inc, NFP.  

Her education includes: 


LaShawn 2.PNG

La Shaun Rickman - Dillon

Mrs. La Shaun Rickman - Dillon is the Executive Director of Brighter, Behavior, Choices Inc., NFP. 

Her education includes:

an Associates in Business Management, NCRS, RCS, and CPRS

 Mission, Vision, and Goal




Brighter, Behavior, Choices Inc., is a not-for-profit, licensed Intervention and Recovery Home provider agency that provides a structural, alcohol, and drug free environment for women, housing opportunities, on site, peer-led recovery supportive services, and a referral service initiative program.


We identify potential problems, evaluate alternatives, implement positive solutions to all participants regardless of their past endeavors and grant the residents/clients a "Second Chance" enrichment of ambition, success, and a long-term goal of sobriety.  


To expand our program to accommodate the needs of the community wide, including women, men and families by providing opportunities for psycho-social, holistic, realistic, and therapeutic care.



  • To decrease the Incidence of homelessness and unemployment

  • Reduce recidivism

  • Enforce tools to support long term sobriety

  • Educate individuals to be self sufficient

  • Recreational development

Brighter, Behavior, Choices Inc., NFP 

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